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3 most Delicious Caribbean Cocktails

Caribbean Cocktails

3 most delicious Caribbean cocktails

When we think of the Caribbean we think of the turquoise blue sea, white sandy beaches, coconut trees, sunny weather, Caribbean rhythm’s and of course of the colorful delicious cocktails. The 3 most delicious Caribbean Cocktails are: Piña Colada, Blue Hawaii and Blue Lagoon

The first most drank cocktails in the Caribbean is: Piña Colada.

It has a fresh and sweet taste and it is best drink after a swim in the turquoise blue sea. So how do we make this cocktail?

In Curacao we make this Piña Colada as follows:

Step 1 is to find a good pineapple juice. If the pineapple juice is to sweet or to sour it can make your cocktail taste bad.

Step 2 is to find some good coconut milk, it does not have to be fresh coconut milk, the ones in a can are also a good option.

Step 3 we put some pieces of fresh pineapple fruit in the cocktail to make it taste extra good.

Step 4 is adding condensed milk; very important. It will give sweetness to the cocktail and make the substance thick. The last step but not least is Step 5 the alcohol; find yourself a good white rum, such as Bacardi rum to add the finishing touch to your cocktail. But beware! If you put too much alcohol into the cocktail, it can dominate the whole taste. So now we have all the ingredients but how much of each do we put in the cocktail?

Let say we have a get-together of 11 persons then we suggest to make 2 liters of Piña Colada.

For 2 liters we use:

  • 400 ml coconut milk
  • 400 ml pineapple juice
  • 400 ml condensed milk
  • 1 can of pineapple (400 ml) with the included juice(
  • Between (300-500 ml) white rum (Bacardi)

(You can also make this Piña Colada virgin then simply leave the Bacardi rum out).

These ingredients should be all put in the blender to be mixed and then stored in the fridge, so it can get cooled. If you do not have time to cool it in the fridge you can also use ice cubs or what I prefer (plastic ice cubes) which will not dilute or watered down your cocktail. Now you are done to enjoy one of the most delicious cocktails preferable on the beach watching the Sun go down.

Another delicious cocktail is: Blue Hawaii

Caribbean Cocktails
Blue Hawaii Caribbean Cocktails,

Blue Hawaii cocktail does not sound very Caribbean, but the ingredients say otherwise.  The reason why this cocktail is named “blue” is because the liquor named “Blue Curacao”. This liquor is made in Curacao from a fruit relative to the orange family but much bitter called Larah. This Blue Curacao is used in different cocktails. This liquor is very famous in the Caribbean and also very famous in Curacao, since it was invented by the Catholic monks on the island. This ingredient gives the Blue Hawaii cocktail its very own blue color and also gives it a fruity flavor.

So what do we need to make this delicious cocktail?

Step 1: pineapple juice, very important ingredient for lots of Caribbean cocktails.

Step 2: lime, this element will give some sour freshness to the cocktail.

Step 3: coconut cream, this will make the cocktail thick and juicy.

Step 4: Blue Curacao it will make the cocktail blue and let it taste fruity.

Step 4: some more alcohol and in this case, we use white rum (Bacardi).

Step 5: condensed milk; is very important. It will give sweetness to the cocktail and makes the substance thick. If you want to make Blue Hawaii cocktail at you vacation home for friends and relatives of 11 persons.  You need the following.

For about 2 liters we use:

  • 300 ml coconut cream or 400 ml coconut milk
  • 600 ml pineapple juice
  • 300 ml condensed milk
  • 200 mL white rum (Bacardi)
  • 100 ml lime
  • 250 ml Blue Curacao

If the substance is too thick add some ice cubes in the mix or some cold water. This cocktail is good to enjoy when you are planning to party the night away.

Last of the three is: Blue Lagoon cocktail

Another Party cocktail for anytime of the day on a Caribbean island of Curacao is the “Blue Lagoon”. This cocktail is very light and less heavy than Piña Colada and Blue Hawaii. The reason why this cocktail is also part of this list of three is because of “Blue Curacao” which transform every cocktail in a Caribbean exotic drink because of its color and its splendid fruity taste. This cocktail is also a lot easier to make and you don’t need to have a blender for this one.

Caribbean Cocktails
Blue Lagoon Caribbean Cocktails

So what are the ingredients?

The ingredients of Blue Lagoon cocktail are: Blue Curacao, White rum (Bacardi), Sprite and lemon. It is very easy to make especially if you are a beginner. The only downside is that you cannot store your delicious cocktail because bubbles of the sprite will not remain forever in your drink. But that is a really good reason to drink it all up in one night.

For about 1,5 liter we use:

  • 100 ml of a lemon
  • 1 liter Sprite/ 7 up
  • 300 ml white rum
  • 150 ml Blue Curacao

With these 3 Caribbean cocktails you are ready to enjoy your vacation on the beach during the day and at night. And you can also enjoy some cocktail making and have fun with your friends!

In our vacation house on Curacao we have several cocktail recipe booklets. See

There you have several options to help you make and try different cocktails. If you do not want to take the effort to make your own cocktails, you can order a delicious cocktails in one of the bars at Jan Thiel Beach. At Jan Thiel Beach there are 3 beach club bars where you can order delicious cocktails. On Friday evenings you have Happy hour at Jan Thiel Beach, and then all your drinks are for half the price.

Because believe me there is nothing so delicious and relaxing to sit on your sea terrace at sunset with your favourite cocktail in your hand with relatives and friends.

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January 5, 2020

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