Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

Your Ocean Front Vacation Rental in the Caribbean

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Book vacation rental  direct with the owner is cheaper because there is no middleman involved. Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) ask a commission or fee between 5 and 17% for their serivces. You as a traveler don’t have to pay that fee if you book vacation rental direct with owner. The OTA’s can’t give you specific information about the vacation home or Curacao. As an owner I know the insight information over region, restaurants and things to do on the island. So if you want to save money. Book vacation rental direct with owner and communicate with them.

If you have a any question about book vacation rental direct with owner use the form below.  Would you like to enquire about booking availability please click here.  For a quotation please click here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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