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Jan Thiel Vacations Rentals Curacao Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently ask questions of Jan Thiel Vacations Rentals Curacao. Read it carefully. Jan Thiel Vacations Rentals Curacao is here to answer all your questions. Please just give us a call or E-mail us. You will find all the contact information here below. A nice holiday at Jan Thiel vacations rentals Curacao starts with knowledge of your villa and the environment.

How early can one check in and how late can one checkout?
Early check-in is only possible at Jan Thiel vacations rentals Curacao if no other guests are departing that day and late checkout if no other guests are expected to check-in on that same day. There are costs involved for both.

Can we store our luggage after checkout?
Leaving luggage at Jan Thiel vacations rentals Curacao in storage after checkout is not possible. We don’t have room or supervision over your valuables in your suitcases.

Do you offer initial errands/grocery delivery at arrival?
We can pick up the first small errands for you. The cost for this service is NAF 150, -. Let us know two weeks in advance to make sure. Supermarket “van den Tweel” is around the corner, two minutes walk from the villa. It is open from 8:00 to 20:00, 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday.

Do you offer a taxi service?
The best approach is: to book and arrange taxis yourself. You can take a taxi from Airport to Boca Gentil. At the airport you will find the taxi queue. A taxi will cost approximately $ 50 to Boca Gentil (35 minutes drive). Or you can use Curacao Airport Taxi Transfer. Visit their website for reservations at Curaçao Airport Taxi Transfer

What about Car rental, can you advise?
Car rentals are located at the airport. Boca Gentil Resort has 2 car rentals in the neigbourhood Avis and Budget Rent a Car. If you want to explore Curaçao then a car is essential.

Is car parking possible near the villa?
Yes, 2 cars can park on our private property in front of the villa at Jan Thiel vacations rentals Curacao.

What’s all parts belonging to the Villa?
The villa is situated on a private property. Pool, sea deck, stairs to the sea and jacuzzi are all part of the villa. They are fully at your disposal and only for you privately to use when you rent the villa. The jacuzzi can be heated up to 35 degrees Celcius, it is not heated but rather a warm whirlpool. You also have free access to the Beach Clubs near by.

How big and how deep is the pool and how often cleaned? 
The pool is at its deepest 2 meters. It is 10 by 5 meters. The pool is cleaned 2x per week: on Monday and Thursday around 12:00 o’clock am by a pool boy.

How deep is the sea under the sea deck?

The water under the sea deck is about 2 meters deep. It is also forbidden to make a head first dive from the deck

How do I switch on the lights in the pool, and how can the colors be adjusted?
The switches are on the panel on the jacuzzi. You can switch on the pool lights there.
The color can be adjusted by turning the switch off and on until the right color is obtained. You can also switch on separately  the air blower and the jets of the Jacuzzi. Only when the jets are switched-on the water of the jacuzzi is heated up to 35 degrees Celcius.

Are there any directions from Hato airport to Villa Sea Paradise Curaçao and how long does it take?
On Google maps, you can see the route to Villa Sea Paradise Curaçao. We will be sending you a video of the route. The trip from airport to Villa Sea Paradise Curaçao takes about 35 minutes. For route details see our secure page of which you must have a login code. Secure page

How much water and electricity is included in the price?
Including are 2 cubic meters of water per day and 60 KWH of electricity per day. The exceeding amount will be deducted from your security deposit. An employee of Villa Sea Paradise Curaçao will record the meters start position in your presence.

Does the villa have air conditioning?
Air conditioning are in all 4 bedrooms. The villa is not fully cooled with air conditioning.
If you are not using the bedrooms during the day or when you leave the villa, it is recommendable to switch off the air conditioners. This saves energy.

Are there beaches nearby which are open and free to guests
Three beaches within two minutes walk: Boca Gentil Beach, Papagayo Beach Club and Jan Thiel Bay. All three Beaches are free for guests of the villa. Only for the sunbeds at Papagayo Beach club and Jan Thiel Bay/ Zanzibar you have to pay. Costs are approximately $ 5 per bed per day. 

How far is the nearest diving center at Jan Thiel Vacations Rentals Curacao?
Two diving schools, one at Boca Gentil near the shared pool and one at Jan Thiel Bay, Scuba Do: so  about 2 to 5 minutes walk from Jan Thiel vacations rentals Curacao.

Are there swimming masks, snorkels and fins in the villa available?
No, these are not available in the villa. You’d better bring your own swimming gears and diving attributes or buy them at the supermarket or buy or hire them at the diving schools nearby. At the diving school near the shared pool they offer 10% discount to of Villa Sea Paradise Curacao.

Can one swim in the sea at the at Jan Thiel Vacations Rentals Curacao?
If the sea is not too rough one can swim but you need to be experienced swimmers. If the sea is too rough then swimming is not advisable there. All this of course is at your own risk. You can get a better swim at Jan Thiel Bay because there the sea is calmer and they have a raft.

Can I snorkel off the deck?
In nice and calm sea you can snorkel off the deck and take a snorkel tour to Jan Thiel Bay, for example swim towards Jan Thiel and walk back to the villa. If you do not want to walk barefoot back you can deposit your flip-flops / sandals at Jan Thiel.

How to raise the sea ladder?
Please raise up the sea ladder every night and also in the event that the sea suddenly becomes too rough. This is to protect it from damage. For video instructions see our secure page of which you must have a login code. Secure Page

Are there jet skis rental nearby at Jan Thiel Vacations Rentals Curacao?
Yes, at the dive center, a 2-minute walk from the villa sea-doo and jet sky can be rented. Costs approximately $ 60 per half an hour. In addition to Jet Ski they also offer kayak, pedal boat, etc. for rent.

Are there shops, casinos and restaurants nearby?
Restaurants shops and casino are within walking distance and close to Papagayo Beach and Zanzibar. On the island there are several casino’s usually in the big hotels. The nearest Casino is the Daimond Casino within walking distance to the shopping center of Papagayo. There are also several clothing stores.

How far is the nearest ATM / Cash Machine?
The nearest ATM is 2-minute walk away. Located in supermarket: van den Tweel. There is one at Zanzibar near the toilets. Further typically one can find ATMs at gas stations and along Caracasbaaiweg.

How does filling up gas work at a gas station on Curaçao?
The stations on Curaçao are all based on prepaid basis. You must first pay in advance at the ticket office and providing the pump number you are parked at. Then you can refuel. Sometimes you must first flip a switch to start refueling.

Can you arrange a private chef cook for us?
It is not permitted to hire (chef) cooks, bartenders or any other third party to provide paid or unpaid services in the villa. We do have nice restaurants and bars on 2 minutes walk from the villa. In case of violations your security deposit will be retained.

How often does cleaning of the villa take place?
The villa is cleaned at the start and in between. The in-between cleaning is depended on the arrival day on Wednesday or Thursday.

What household items are offered on arrival?
Upon arrival you will get a few household items such as two toilet papers in every toilet room, trash bin bags and dishwasher soap. This is offered only once until you get your groceries. Cook spices and detergent ingredients are not provided.
Additional lamps and battery replacements can be found in the kitchen drawer / or in the kitchen cabinet.

When is the garbage collection due?
The waste bin is emptied every Wednesday. Please place the garbage and waste bags in the green container next to the electricity meter house so that it is ready to be collected and emptied.

Should we bring pool towels, towels and linen along?
No, all linen, towels and pool towels are included. 2-bath towels, 2 guest towels and 1 beach towel are granted per person. We also offer two kitchen towels per stay. You can either wash them clean in our washing machine or bring more with you if you need more. Pool towels may be taken to the beach, provided that they will be returned back to the villa. When lost, these costs are taken into account and deducted from your security deposit.

Is there a BBQ set and where can I best barbecue in the villa?
Yes, a charcoal barbecue set. This can be turned on the best where it cannot cause a fire. Not under the roof of the villa, umbrella or palapa. Preferably outdoors in the open area for example on the pool deck but so that fire splashes do not end up on the umbrellas. Afterwards please clean the set again.

Are there safes in the house?
The villa provides two safes. Watch the video and follow the instructions carefully.
After leaving the villa the keys must be in the vaults.

Why am I having difficulties to close the shutter windows?
Operating with only the handle is indeed hard and difficult, especially when closing/shutting. Shutter windows can best be shut by turning the shutter blades sufficiently closed manually and then conclude with the handle.

There is free wifi in the villa?
Wi-Fi is free but we cannot guarantee the continuous availability of Wi-Fi. Our provider is UTS and it may happen that the Wi-Fi sometimes fails, and then the system should be reset. This can be done by unplugging the power cord and plug it back again.

Where is the power to reset the wifi?

The power cord is located behind the washing machine. If this does not solve the problem, contact the owner. Repair by UTS could take 2 days. We cannot be held accountable for the delay in time to repair by UTS.

How often and how long is a power down in Curaçao?
Power failure happens frequently in Curacao. It usually lasts no longer than an hour. Should power fails, check out in the fuse box if one of the breakers is turned off (switch is facing downwards). Are all switches pointing up then you will have to wait until the power comes back.

Should one of the switches pointing down? 
Turn on the switch, to point up. Should it immediately failed and pointing down again, you should consider seeing if you have not overloaded the group. In the fuse box door you will find the numbers and group names. All switches should point upwards. Should the problem persist, always contact the owner first.

Who to contact and how at Vacations Rentals Curacao?
You can email our support team Villa Sea Paradise you will be assisted as soon as possible or you can what’s-app / with the owner at: + 31(0) 654 367 453

How can we prove to the security guards that we are guests of the Villa Sea Paradise Curacao?
You are registered by the security. They have your names in the computer.

The villa alarm is going off what should I do?
If it accidentally the alarm goes off then switch it off again with the key fob. If it continuous to
repeat contact the owner or report it to us by mail to:  You can also text us via  what’s-app / or just call: +31 (0) 654 367 453

How safe is Boca Gentil Resort?
Boca Gentil is a “gated community”. It is a guarded resort.
Nevertheless, it is wise to close the doors and windows and turn on the alarm every time you leave the villa. Mind you, there are other guests and workers who have access to the resort.

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