Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

Welcome Message

Dear Guest of Villa Sea Paradise

Thank you for booking your holiday at Villa Sea Paradise! I hope you will experience the vacation of your life and will look back with good memories to your visit to Curacao and your stay at our villa in particular.

To help you prepare for, and to help making a success of this holiday we would like to provide you with some tips and tricks for your stay at the villa.The services we offer in our house is not the same as or to be compared with that of a hotel. There is a difference. We are not related to Papagayo Hotel. There is no connection or relationship what so ever with Papaqayo Hotel, except that we are on the same resort/location. As an independent unit we do our best to provide you with a good service and accommodate you as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately we have lack of the following facilities as hotels do: secured guarded space to leave your trunks behind during check-in/check-out and the ability to check in earlier or later.

Resort Lock

The front door has a numerical Resort Lock. Prior to your arrival you will receive from us a code to open the front door with. With this code all members of your group can independently have access to the villa without worrying about sharing a physical key.


In the villa we have a brochure containing information about Curaçao such as: restaurants, sight seeing’s locations, beaches, dive locations, places to go, car rental, ATM machines, medical doctors, supermarkets, map and a folder with detailed instructions regarding the operation of various devices in the house.

AC Power Curacao

Curaçao operates electrical AC power on 110V American Model. Boca Gentil Resort however works on 220V for electrical appliances like in Europe. For American tourists, it is good to bring one or two European type C plugs depending on the amount of electrical devices you need to use or recharge.
Most electrical devices come from Europe. If an electrical appliance breaks down during your stay, often it cannot quickly be replaced, because these appliances on 220V are difficult to obtain on Curacao. Below is a list of important phone numbers and information that apply during your stay in the villa.

Important telephone numbers:

Police alarm (+5999) 911
Fire brigade alarm (+5999) 911
Ambulance (+5999) 912
Hospital (+5999) 910
Security Boca Gentil (5999) 517.06.31
Coast guard (+5999)913

You can rent a car at Hato Airport, where you can also arrange a taxi. You can arrange a taxi in advance by Curacao Airport Taxi.

Medical doctor: Meijer & Color (Almost the entire day walk-in session) Caracasbaaiweg / (next to the pharmacy Botica Sorsaka)
Telephone. 005999-7360530 – 005999-738.9111 (urgent)
Dentist:  telephone 005999-465.68.18
Practice is held at the Old Caracasbaaiweg 48

Other information

Upon arrival you will receive the following items: toilet papers, garbage bags, dish soap, dishwasher detergents, and Cif (creamy cleaning product). These articles are provided just once. If you need for example laundry detergents you have to buy it yourself. There is a supermarket and an ATM machine within walking distance of the villa. The tap water in Curacao is safe for consumption.

~NAF is the same as ANG. On Curaçao they accept Euros (€) and US dollars (fix 1.80 ANG).

When you arrive at the villa it should be clean, every thing should be working correctly. If the villa is not clean or things are broken or you notice any problem, let me know so I can fix it, or let it be cleaned very quick. Please send me pictures of any dirty or broken things.

 Arrival/departure electricity and water meter reading photos. 

The water meter is located near the green niche in front of the house and the electricity meter is located inside the niche. Wait near de electricity meter until the meter numbers appear. Take a picture of both meter readings within half an hour on arrival and send them to me. Please notice that you have to take two picture at both arrival and departure. Then we can calculate your surplus of electricity and water. If you don’t then we are forced to charge you an amount of  €100,-, which is the average amount per week.


In the tropics, it is important to keep everything clean and hygienic. Store away as much as possible in sealable bags and please do not leave dirty dishes on the counter. Also keep the floor clean.
Your villa will be cleaned approximately every 4 days. Blankets and towels are changed after 7 days. Would you like to have more frequent cleaning and changing of blankets and towels you can request that against payment of a fee.

Free WiFI Internet:

You can log on to our free wireless network of Villa Sea Paradise.
Network Name: Villa Sea Paradise 1, 2, 3 ,4

Our Wifi networks in the villa are:
Villaseaparadisecuracao 1, area sitting room
Villaseaparadisecuracao 2, area sitting room, sea dock
Villaseaparadisecuracao 3, area master bedroom,
Villaseaparadisecuracao 4, kitchen pool deck

Login shared key/password: greatvilla
We subscribe to UTS (local provider) at 32 Mb download and 6 Mb upload wired service. Wireless has proved lower in measurement (approx. 16 Mb download).


We have in the villa a prepaid phone in the living room. You can buy a phone credits at AH, all supermarkets, snacks, gas stations and UTS shop to be able use it. Ask for a prepaid card for home phone. Follow instructions on the card to replenish your credits.
Our phone in the villa: 005999-7351148


You can best position the barbecue set on the tiled pool deck. Please avoid the umbrellas. After finished please dispose of food residues to avoid pests.

Staircase to sea

Lower the staircase slowly with the use of the rope into the sea and pull it back up every evening or every time you won’t be using it. Do this also before you depart from the villa.

Pool, whirlpool

Usage: Regarding the Whirlpool -Jacuzzi, bear in mind it is work in progress. It can heat the water up to 34/36 degrees Celsius. To do that the jets should be on for 2 hours. If you want to heat it for the evening for example, you may start the jets by 17:00 and by 19:00 it should be on temperature.
Please only press the 3 buttons with labels: Air blower, Jets and Light.
Air Blower button  starts the airflow from beneath the seat.
Jets will start the warming up of the water pumping water from the side. 
Light will lit pool lights and the Jacuzzi light. To change the light colour you may press the light button again until you have the preferred colours.  

The pool boy comes on Monday to clean the pool. He comes unannounced and walks through the path between the two villas to the pool.

Check out

When leaving the villa make sure you have taken with you all your belongings.

Here is what guests can do when checking out to facilitate our work:

1. Kitchen – wash all dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and glassware and store it in the kitchen cabinet. Don’t leave dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and glassware in the dishwasher. Keep sink and dining table clean to avoid pests.

2. Do not leave food residues in the microwave, grill, oven, fridge and barbecue

3. Remove all the garbage out of the house and put them in the green bin outside.
      Every Wednesday the garbage truck comes along to collect garbage.
4. Put dirty towels, bath towels and beach towels in the hamper for the cleaning ladies       to  carry.      

Things to avoid and things to do

-Please do not: Change settings of TVs, TDS and other equipment.
-Please do not move furniture and umbrellas around.
-Please do not mix white and colored cloths when washing Villa Sea Paradise towels.
-Please do not use Chlorine in the villa and especially not with the linen of Villa Sea Paradise
-Please report when something is broken.

The owner has to be informed of all damage or missing items.

I hope with this information in general you are informed regarding all you need to know in preparation to your stay at the villa.