Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

House rules

House rules from Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

1. Check in is after 4:00 pm and check out is before 10:00 a.m.
 Early check-in and late check out are subject to a fee per hour. When checking in and checking out on the same day, late check out is not allowed. Keep this in mind. 

2. The maximum speed limit within the resort is 15 km per hour.

3. During the day it is forbidden to play loud music or otherwise provide noise.
Between 10.00 p.m. 8.00 a.m., silence is required and any form of noise pollution is prohibited.

4. The villa is available for up to 8 people. These are the persons mentioned in the rental

5. For security reasons we have placed 2 cameras, at the front door and at the side of the
 villa behind the second parking place.

6. Meter readings photos. The water meter is located near the green niche in front of the house and the electricity meter is located inside the niche. Wait near de electricity meter until the meter numbers appear. Take a picture of both meter readings within half an hour on arrival and send them to me. Please notice that you have to take two picture at both arrival and departure. Then we can calculate your surplus of electricity and water.

In case of failing to take the photos, the meter readings of the previous guests will be held. Please send the photo’s of the meter readings max.1 hour after arrival.

7. Holding parties and other gatherings that are more than the number of persons booked on the rental agreement is not allowed. The cleaning work is based on 8 people. If in doubt contact the owner.

8. It is not permitted to hire (chef) cooks, bartenders or any other third party professionals to provide paid or unpaid services in the villa.

9. In case of any accidental damage during your stay please notify  the owner immediately. So we can replace it in time for the upcoming guest. If you break something don’t replace the item by yourself with a different brand/model. Please report it to the owner. So you don’t have to pay twice for the same item.

10. You have received a video from us how to deal with the devices and materials in the villa. Keep a good look at it. If you have one of the sliding doors derailed, you will be charged €150, – for putting it back on rails.

11. It is not allowed to smoke on the veranda (that’s the wood section). Smoking is permitted under the palapa or on the beige lounge benches on the pool deck. It is very expensive to make the villa smoke free.

12. Curacao has a tropical climate. Garbage bags must often be disposed and deposit regularity in the green waste container. Every Wednesday the garbage truck comes along. Make sure the 2 green containers are placed on Wednesday morning next to the nich at the roadside otherwise it will not be emptied.

13. TV programs, and tds decoder equipment are ready for use. Please don’t change the settings!

14. Please do not move the furniture and the umbrellas. This also applies to furniture under the palapa. They are heavy enough and can withstand the powerful wind, but not if you move them and put them on the edge of the scaffold. The wind is powerful to blow away the furniture’s. You are responsible if something happens.

15. The jets can be active for some hours. The airblower which sends cold air in the whirlpool will automatically switch off after 45 minutes. This is needed to prevent the pump from overheating.

16. Use of the communal swimming pool is only allowed for owners, family members, tenants and guests and the use is entirely at your own risk. The communal swimming pool may not be used between 8.00 pm and 06:00 am.

17. When using the sea stairs, remember to slowly lower it down into the sea using the rope. Pull it back up again every evening and also when you leave or depart from the villa.

18. Kitchen: All dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and glasses must be washed and stored. Don’t leave dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and glassware in the dishwasher.
Leave the sink and the dining table clean to avoid pests. The cleaning work of the workers does not include: washing and stored the dishes, washing clothes / bedding, hanging and ironing.

19. When the villa is left dirty, € 150 extra will be charged for additional cleaning costs.

20. Before departing please make sure to leave the microwave, Barbecue, oven-grill clean behind.

21. Tipping is not mandatory. My personnel is not allowed to solicit for tips. If you want to give a tip then give it to them personally.