Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

Your Ocean Front Vacation Rental in the Caribbean

What on Music in Curacao

Music is in the air in Curacao.

Every Friday there is life music at Zanzibar on walking distance from the Rental home.
Entrance is free for our Guest. Zanzibar and Papagayo invite very Friday  or Saturday a different band to provide music on which you can dance and have a good time. During Happy hours you can order all drinks with a discount.

If you like jazz music instead then Blues- Bar is recommendable From 8 pm to 11 pm. This bar is located at Avila Beach hotel in Penstraat.You might also order a meal there.

And if you like for example Reggae Band then the place to be is Hemingway which is located within Lions Dive beach Hotel. Every Friday from to 7 pm to 10 pm. Entrance is free. Telephone: 465-0740

O Mundo in  Zuikertuintje Shopping Mall also offers life music while having a nice meal or drink. Telephone: 738-8477.

In the months of August and September the North Sea Jazz Festival is often organised on Curacao. Check the internet at their website when it is being held in the future.


Where tot eat in a special ambiance

Fort Nassua Restaurant,

Eat in a special ambiance in Curacao? Visit the beautiful and romantic Fort Nassau restaurant in Curacao. This Fort was built by the Dutch to protect Curacao from pirates and explorers. The explorers that wanted to take over the island of Curacao. It is the second front of defense after a ship penetrated and past the narrow entrance of the St. Anna Bay. Most people celebrate anniversaries and special family occasions there. Fort Nassau is now a very chic and classy restaurant to eat.

A restaurant with a view over the harbour is worth the visit.  You haven’t seen Curacao if you haven’t been to Fort Nassau! This restaurant has lot of history you can feel and smell the past. Situated high upon a hill at the harbour’s entrance. At night a sea of lights stretches to the horizon offering the most spectacular view. It has a beautiful 360° view over part of the island and the city of Willemstad. Locals celebrate the turn of the year on this hill.

The menu in fort Nassau restaurant features meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes. You can best described Fort Nassau restaurant as a “Casual fine dining” place. Fort Nassau restaurant offers an à la carte menu, a friendly priced 3-course menu with optional menu items and a lunch menu. The historical character of the 18th century fortress, the contemporary interior, the breathtaking view and good food, make your visit at Fort Nassau Restaurant a memorable experience.


Traditional Foods You Can Find on Curacao

The best place to find traditional food is the old MarketPlace called: Plasa Bieu. It is located in Willemstad Near the new MarketPlace adjacent to the area of Waaigat with the Queen Wilhelmina Bridge.

 Pals Bieu was formerly a market hall now made into a food corner to attend, to experience local food during lunchtime in Curacao.

Plasa Bieu is an indoor place with 5 different restaurant sections which are open from Monday- Saturday only during lunch time.

They serve a variety of dishes which are all authentic local dishes. The variety includes everything from Fish soup to boiled cornmeal to stewed goat, beef, red snapper, … the choices are endless.
What makes the experience at plasa different from other restaurants is that you can see the chefs preparing each dish on coals as it was done ages ago.
It’s on a first come, first serve basis, so no reservations are needed. Take it to go or sit and eat, it’s an unique Experience. Every food section has it’s own seating area with extended tables and you are free to mingle and  join other visitors at their table.

Picture inside Marche Bieu

I would recommend eating at plaza, since the experience of eating with local residents is a must and can be very fun.

Some menu items are :

Fish soup 
with fresh catch of the day and most contain sea food
Giambo soup made from Okra vegetable and contains fish and meat (slimy look but taste very good)
Kadushi soup which is made from cactus on the Island (also slimy but taste nice).

Stews (Stoba) are made 
Mostly of Goat meat, Beef, Chicken or Pork.
Often added with vegetables like Cole, native small cucumber or papaya. it is served with funchi (boiled cornmeal, resembles polenta) or with rice, rice with beans (aroz moro), baked potatoes, slices of fried plantain and salad.

Fishes mostly served are:
Piska Corá: Red Snapper  
Dradu: Mahi Mahi
Mula: Mullets
Buni: Bonito 
Masbangu: Big Eye Scad
Gutu: Parrot fish
Cabaron: Shrimps

Also served with funchi (boiled cornmeal/polenta) or with rice, rice with beans (aroz moro), baked potatoes and slices of fried plantain and salad. To top it off a traditional vinaigrette saus is poured over the fish. 

Instead of Funchi/polenta one might also try Tutu: which contains black eye peas.

Vegetarian are also welcome. Ask for a fish dish or other menu with more vegetables instead of the meat,

Prices varies between 7 to 14 USD

Great local food, nice ambiance and there is a big chance you will make a new friend at Plasa Bieu.


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Where To Eat Curacao

For great steak, fish and special ambiance near by I recommend four restaurants: Kyoto, Zest & Tinto, Villa Vis and Pops place..
Kyoto is a Japanese restaurant adjacent to Van den Tweel Supermarket near the entrance of Boca Gentil Resort. Zest and Tinto are  on walking distance from the villa and are situated next to Zanzibar. Zest Offers Meditaranian food and Tinto offers Argentinian steaks, but has also fish and chicken on the menu. The ambiance at Tinto is created with flames and candle lights. Zest has also a beach Grill section, where you sit and eat on the beach. Many of our guests rank these three as one of the best in the area.  Telephone Zest: +5999-747-0633. 

Villa Vis  and Pops place are what farther away at the last roundabout at the end of Caracasbay road coming to the villa. Villa Vis is right at this roundabout and serves Fresh Fish and seafood, while Pops Place is half a mile along the Caracasbay beach. Pops place serves traditional food.

Two other restaurants in the area are  Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei and Friends in front of the Eden Mal. They offer excellent Caribbean/international food.  Landhuis Brakkeput is  situated at Brakkeput which is a right turn on the Caracasbaaiweg in the direction of Jan Sofat.  Landhuis Brakkeput offers also life music on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Telephone:+5999- 767-1500. Friends offers Happy hour at their cocktail bar every day from 16:30 to 18:30.  

El Gaucho is an Argentinian steak House  One of our favourite also quite near by The Eden Mall . It has nice juicy steaks and salade bar and offers a tremendous view by night looking toward Willemstad. Distance from our vacation rental is 10 minutes drive. Follow the signs on Caracasbaaiweg (in direction to town) and turn right at the Eden Mall and then turn again right up a hill. Prices are moderate. Their recommended three course menu included salad bar is  often the best deal in the area.
Location: Rooi Santu 620. Telephone: +5999-767-0067

L’ Aldea is an all you can eat restaurant with a Brazilian touch and Brazilian Jungle theme. Everyone receives a color sign card with two sides red or green. Green means more meat please and Red means pause or I have enough.  They will bring the meat and cut a piece in your plate. The ambiance with tropical plants and water flowing like a river brings you in another world. Prices are about $50 per person. Location: Sta. Catharina #66. Telephone L’Aldea: +5999-767-6777.

Down Town you can eat Thursdays in the evening at: “Bij de Buren” a restaurant in front of the Big Curacao sign on Queen Wilhelmina Plein. On Thursday they oftend have a show and life music in front of the restaurant.

If you want to sit at the St Annabay harbour or on dock of the bay, we recommend Iguana, they also have live music in the evening or La Bahia Seafood & Steakhouse in Otrabanda. Brionplein near the Pontoon bridge. They offer nice food with an excellent view over the harbour. Telephone: 462-7400 ext 1710. 

In otrabanda in the Riffort shopping mall try Steaks and Ribs. They serve good excellent meat for a good price. For more fancy and elegant try Le Clochard which has an opening through the fortress wall looking into the ST Anna bay.  For an elegant evening you may try The Wine Cellar near the Kathedral in Pietermaai or for an historic ambiance Fort Nassau restaurant with the best view over the capital.

A newly added restaurant mid town is the Sky bar restaurant called Cascada RoofTop with daily happy hour from 5-6 pm. (Website: It is located on the 4th floor of the Element Hotel at the Hendrikplein in Punda/Willemstad.

You can also eat at Saint Tropez. It is situated in Pietermaai 152 outside the centre. Telephone: +5999-4617727

Last but certainly not least there are: Green House and Bocas both on Mambo Beach Boulevard. Both are one of out favourites. All their foods are excellent and for a good price.

You can also Google search all these restaurant and select direction to them from where you are. Many of their Telephone numbers are also Whatsapp accessible, which with Wi-Fi is free of charge.