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Fascinating facts about Curaçao…

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Fascinating facts about Curacao!

Curacao is a Dutch island in the Caribbean and has a long history. Here are some fascinating facts and fun curiosities about Curacao, you probably didn’t know: Did you know.. 
  • That Curacao was discovered by the Spanyard Alonso de Ojeda on 26 july in 1499. The Indians that were living there were from the Arowak tribe and were like giants compared to the shorter Spanyards. That is why the island was labeled “Isla de los gigantes”: island of the giants?

  • That Curacao was taken over by the Dutch Johan van Walbeek in 1634. All Spanyards and indians were banished  to Venezuela?
  • That New York was Dutch Colony and Peter Stuyvessant the director-general on Curacao from 1639-1645, became director-general  to New Amsterdam until it was ceded to the English Duke of York, who renamed it New York in 1646?
  •  That Curacao had a slave trade market selling slaves brought from Africa (Gambia and Ghana amongst others) to people all over in the area?
  • That the slaves rebelled against the Dutch rule in 1795. Leaders of the rebelion were Tula, Louis Mercier, Pedro Wacau and Bastian Carpata? They were caught and senteced to death?
  • That the slavery was abolished in 1863 on 1st of July by King William the Third?
  • The Queen Emma pontoon swigging bridge was the idea of the USA consul (L.B. Smith). Its opening was in 1888. It was first a
    Ponton Bridge Queen Emma
    business object charging money to cross except for bare footed, then it was free of charge. Its length is 167 m. connecting Punda to Otrabanda.

More fascinating facts about Curacao!

  • That the shape of Curacao is like is like a heart hence got its name derived from the Portugese  name: Coraçao meaning heart?
  • That Curacao is 60 km long and 40 km width?
  • That Curaçao is about 40 miles/60 km from the coast of Venezuela and on some clear days you can see Venezuela with bare eyes, especially the mountains of Cumarebo and Sabanas Altas?
  • That on Curacao most people is multi lingual, speaking Papiamentu (our native language), Dutch ( official Language), English and Spanish?
  • That the famous pioneer aviator Charles Lindbergh, first to cross the Atlantic Ocean non-stop, landed in September 28, 1929 on Curacao with a twin-engine Sikorsky?
  • That baseball is a national sport and that key players of the mayor league are born or raised in Curacao: Didi Gregorius (short stop) from New York Yankees, Kenley Jansen (pitcher) from LA Dodgers to name a few?
  • That the blue liqueur “ Blue Curacao“ used in several mix drinks all over the world  was invented by monks on Curaçao?

More fascinating facts about Curacao!

  • That during World War II the allied forces were supplied mostly by fuel that was refined in Curaçao and Aruba?
  • That tab water is distilled from sea water and that the quality is comparable to spring water such as Spa Blue?
  • That the most delicious spring roll on Curacao is called “loempia” from the chinees restaurant: “Dushi Loempia” at Caracasbaaiweg?
  • That the so called  bread-trucks: “Truck di pan” is the last resource to have a byte late at night along the roads?
  • That the largest bridge Queen Juliana bridge over St Anna bay collapsed during construction in 1967 killing 15 workers and was replaced? After its opening on 30 april 1974 the Queen Emma bridge was closed to traffic and open only to pedestrians?
  • The highest elevation on Curacao is St Christoffel berg  and is 372 m?Curacao has an independent status in the Dutch kingdom  consisting of 4 equal partners: The Netherlands,  Aruba, St Maarten and Curacao?
  • The flag of Curacao consists of the colors blue,  yellow and white and have two white stars: one big, one small. The blue color resembles the blue Caribbean sea and the yellow color the Sun. The 2 white stars represent the big island Curacao and the smaller island  of Klein Curacao?
  • That Curacao in the native tongue Papiamentu is called Korsow?
  • That the word: “Dushi” means sweet hence “Dushi Curacao” means sweet Curacao?
  • That Willemstad is more than just the capital, it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage recognize for its unique historical Dutch architecture and long history in the region.
  • That Villa Sea Paradise Curacao is the only villa that offers a jacuzzi, infinity pool, sea dock with ladder access to the sea in Boca Gentil Resort?
  • That Papillon (Henri Charrière) the prisoner of devils island in front of French Guyana (South America) after escaped landed on Curacao and was incarcerated in one of the arch-rooms below Waterfort and then was released and sailed to Colombia and lived the rest of his life in Venezuela?
  • That Simon Bolivar the Venezuelan  liberator of South America was exiled for a while on Curacao and lived in the building called: Octagon which is now a museum adjacent to Hotel Avila?
  • That Simon Bolivar met with Pedro Luis Brion a Curacao born who became the admiral of the Venezuelan revolution fleet under Simon Bolivar. His statue can be seen at Brion plasa in Otrabanda?

Fascinating facts about Curacao!

  • That Manuel Piar also raised on Curacao  was a general in the Venezuelan revolution and  was senteced to death by  Pedro Luis Brion after found guilty of insurbordination against Bolivar?  In what is one of the independence struggle’s darkest episodes, Bolívar ordered Piar arrested and tried for desertion, insubordination, and conspiring against the government. Since Piar was the only one charged and arrested in this episode, it is generally agreed that Bolívar simply needed to make an example of a single general from among the military leadership. Piar was the unlucky chosen one. He was arrested on September 28, 1817, and was judged by a court martial led by Pedro Luis Brion which found him guilty on all charges; and on October 15 sentenced him to death. On that same day Simón Bolívar, as Supreme Commander, confirmed the sentence. Piar statue is placed in front of Fort Amsterdam at the other side of St Anna bay, opposite to the statue of Brion.
  • That  Curacao lies ideally situated outside the belt regarding Caribbean Hurricanes? You can book freely any time of the year without worrying about hurricane period.
  • That electricity can fail for 1 or 2 hours which is OK for the area?
  • That refilling your gas tank you have to pre-payat the counter before you can fill your tank?
  • That in traffic all traffic coming from the right has preference, except on a T-junction then the traffic on the terminating road must yield to all traffic at the termination point. Some countries like Holland use the priority-to-the-right rule also at T-Junction, but not Curaçao.
  • That one of the largest slave museum in the westren hemisphere is located in Otrabanda and is called Kura Hulanda?
  • That the oldest still in use Synagogue in the Western hemisphere is located down town Willemstad and is called Mikvé Israel Immanuel Synagogue.
  • That the biggest Mall on Curacao with 190 stores is called Sambil?

  • That Villa Sea Paradise Curacao has a hottub, private Infinity Pool, Sea dock with lights that attacks large Tarpons to the Sea dock?

  • That the best Venezuelan arrepas (flat pattiy made of maize flour) are sold in Salina abou 165 at Deli Arrepas Cafe? Try the Arrepa Pabellon, our favourite!

  •  That Curacao has its own Table Mount like in Cape Town, South Africa, but you have to be quick to see it because it will disappear eventually due to Phosphate mining?


  • That Curacao has a salt water geisha that shoots sea water in the air at Boca Pistol in the Shete Boca Nature Park and that Villa Sea Paradise Curacao also has a little boca pistol, splashing water again the shore in the air creating a rainbow?

  • That you can swim with turtles in Westpoint fishers bay?

  • That the three hills you can see from Villa Sea Paradise Curacao beyond Willemstad are called: “De Drie Gebroeders” translated: The Three Brothers?

  • That at arrival at the airport of Hato tourist can skip long lines and go faster through customs and immigration clearence by online filling Embarkatiom and Disembarcation Card (ED Card) via internet and at arrival taking the fast lane to the e-gates? The form must be completed ate least 24 hours before departing to Curacao? Check the process  out on this link:

  • That Curacao has a Cathedral of Thorns, a monumental artist concert of artist Herman van Bergen, located at Landhuis Bloempot. It is a huge labyrint construction  built of thorns twigs of the island, This work of art can be seen although it is still under construction?
  • That Curacao has a unique Ostrich farm where you can have an encounter with ostriches  and even can ride on them, which is fun to see?
  • That Curacao has a traditional Black Cake called “Bolo Pretu” unique in the world, different from the Caribbean Rum Cake.  It contains more rum  and lots of ingredients that have to lay for 3 months to soak up the rum. It is especially offered at weddings, first communian?

Interested in staying with us? Contact us for more information about our oceanfront villa, one of the nicest and close to town!  See the availability of Curacao vacation rentals: Villa Sea Paradise Curacao!

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Mambo Boulevard, Place to visit

The single most frequent recommendation you probably get when asking about restaurants, fun nightlife and place to go in Curacao is probably Mambo Boulevard. This is a strip that combines hotels, shopping, dining, nice beaches and night life.

Mambo Boulevard or Mambo BLVD consists of a lower or beach level and an upper level connecting different beach resort area to each other by a common 2 levels board walk. The connected beach clubs and Hotels are Sea Aquarium, Lions Dive, Madero Ocean Club, Wet & Wild, Bonita, Rilèks, Kontiki Beach resort, Cabana Beach. All have their own beach activities, shopping boutiques, chairs, umbrellas and sunbed rentals and night life.

There are more than 50 shops offering all you need: Beauty & Health, Fashion, Jewelry, Rentals, Souvenirs and Giftshop, Tours & Excursions and of course lots of food & beverages shops.

Source: Mambo








The location is adjacent to Sea Aquarium.
To get there from Villa Sea Paradise you just take the Caracasbaai road to Willemstad and just after passing Luna Park turn left in Schubappelweg. Follow this street passing Vreugdenhil Supermarket at your left and at the T-Junction turn right into the street named: Amandelweg. Follow straight until a big intersection with in front of you painted Baracudas on the wall. There turn left into Koraalspechtweg and then go straight until the end of the road. There with Sunscape hotel in front, turn left again into Bapor Kibra street and follow the signs to Mambo BLVD at your righthand side.
They have plenty of free parking.

This beach area is a place where I once came for a swim when I was young.

Mambo Boulevard Beach

We called it “Bapor Kibra” which means “Broken Ship.” A ship sunk  and was broken in two or more parts and brought to shore by the waves where it remained for years. The sea water there was very clear. I remember while snorkeling in 1966 I saw something was blinking in the sand and it was a golden ring, which someone probably lost some time before. I don’t remember what happened to it. This area is now developed and by placing wave breakers calm sea water is achieved along a 160 m long sandy beach as we have today.

One of our favorite restaurants located on the upper level is the Green House Restaurant. Every Monday and Thursday they offer “all you can eat sushi” for Naf. 35. Their Blue Flame Beef Tenderloin is so tender it will melt on your tongue. Costs $ 27. They also offer local Curacao food. Try their Stew of goat called Kabritu Stobá, which is very tasty for $ 17.

Mambo restaurants

Pizza Mare is often recommended if you prefer Italian cuisine.
Chill Beach Bar & Grill is located at Lions Dive & Beach Resort. Chill offers at noon delicious BBQ-meals.
There are several other restaurants such as El Grill & Mexicano, Bocas Argentinian Steaks and Origami Sushi.

There will be also DJ set ups on the beach, live music, lots of dancing going on in the evening.
A good discount on alcoholic beverages is obtainable during Happy Hours.
Chill & Grill offers Happy Hour every Friday from 17:00-19:00. Bonita Beach Club also offers Happy Hour every Friday but also on Sundays.
A great advantage of Mambo Beach BLVD is that it offers free Wifi all over the place!

For night life you can go to Hemingway, Madero Ocean Club Wet & Wild, and Cabana Beach.
The best time to go there is on aFriday evening,Saturday evening, or Sunday evening. We usually start at Hemingway(bar & restaurant at Lions Dive & Beach Resort) with live music where you can dance and then slowly move westward around 9 PM, as most people moves to the nearby Madero Ocean Club, Wet & Wild, andCabana Beach.

At Cabana Beacha good friend of us usually plays piano to entertain guests of as shown here on the photo.

Mambo Boulevard Cabana: Juni Julliet
Source: Pinterest

He is one of the best performers on the Island with years of dedication to bring joy with his music. He plays all kinds of genres, from modern to oldies, Salsa, Bachatta, Merengue, Soft, you name it. As a former Crazy Piano’s artist, you could shout any name of a song he plays it instantaneously.



Check also the special nightlife events going on at Madero Ocean Club! They have a huge main stage and host all kind of events from concerts to parties and fashion shows.

Sea Aquarium
Curaçao Sea Aquarium is also located nearby. It is next to Lions Dive. It belongs from its beginning in 1984, to one of the most special aquaria in the world. Here various sea life is kept in a habitat that is almost natural to them, without sophisticated technical equipment. With the use of open-water system all the aquaria are in immediate contact with the open sea. That‘s what making it so special.
There are dolphins, sea ​​lions, small sharks, flamingos, sea turtles and stingrays all in their own aquariums and water tanks or in closed parts in the sea. So why not just walk from Mambo to there. From the outside you can see the sea lions swimming around. Or you pay the entrance fee of US $ 21 for adults $ 11 for children from 4 years and you walk in.


Mambo Sea Aquarium Dolphins
Mambo Sea Aquarium Sharks

There are a number of shows and activities throughout the day, feeding the little sharks and the flamingos and the dolphin show. Or you go for a kiss from the sea lions and / or dolphins with a beautiful photo taken as a reminder. If you are very “brave” you can even go swimming with the dolphins.

Mambo Boulevard Chair


Mambo and their neighbors have so much to offer and the activities are too many to mention.
We did not even mention the water activities such as the substation submarine tour near sea aquarium.
Is expensive but the experience is worth it if we may believe the reviews.

Even if you get to Mambo BLVD often during the year, you will not get enough of it. It is the place to visit while on the Island!


Interested in staying with us? Contact us for more information about our oceanfront villa, one of the nicest and close to town!  Your Curacao vacation rentals: Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

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Fishing on the dock of my bay

An oceanfront shore house in Curacao with a nice dock above the sea, with crystal clear water and plenty of fish, is the ideal location to at least try during your stay to catch fishes from the dock of our bay.

Before we purchased this waterfront property Villa Sea Paradise in Jan Thiel bay, locals were used to shore fishing there a lot.

During the construction of the villa in 2009 I remember I came one morning and saw two of the construction workers fishing on the shore of our property. I told them to stop fishing there because they were robbing me of all my fishes and suggest to them to go fish next door, on the neighbor’s property. Those are my fishes, I said to them.  They argued by saying the fishes in the sea goes from property to property, so they belong to nobody.  I insisted for them to move to next property by saying when the fish are between my boundaries they are mine!
They shook their heads and moved next door. Then I started to laugh out loud. Only then they understood I was joking!

How they catch fishes
People on Curacao usually go fishing early in the morning when the fishes are looking for food. They use as bait, little crabs, the ones that crawls around with a seashell on top of them. As bait they also use smaller fishes, they catch by cutting them in little pieces.

They use nylon fishing line with a hook and lead or sinker attached to itThe locals usually don’t use fishing rods. They cast the line with the sinker not far away from where they are standing on the shore. Sometimes the hook gets stuck in the coral reef then after failing to detach it, they cut it loose. That’s why they have several spare hooks and sinkers with them.

I saw some hobby fishermen from Holland that after catching fishes they throw the fishes back in. I asked them why?  Don’t do that! Give them to us! One local guy did catch 8 fishes in 1 hour the other day and gave us 2 of the fishes. See picture below.

Picture of fishes caught in the backyard.
Picture of fishes caught in the backyard.

The names of these two fishes are: Redtail Parrot fish and the smaller one: Princess Parrot fish.

I asked him how he does it and why his hooks don’t get stuck in the coral reef formation? He told me to throw the hook and sinker only on sandy parts, then it won’t get stuck. A very logical and simple explanation. He too uses as bait small fishes and crabs.

Unique  alternative fishing methods
The most unique fishing method I saw is fishing while snorkeling. Having a mask snorkel and fins this guy was lowering his line with sinker and hook on the fish he selected. After hooking them he pulls them up and place them in a net he carries.  

Some people cast fishing rod with a floater and a sinker. They calculate the distance to the bottom and place the floater two or two inches lower so that the hook with the bait will hang about two inches from the bottom. The bait is then in the right place. 

Shore fishing on Curacao is the most common way to fish without worries or expense of hiring a boat. Besides, you don’t need a permit for shore fishing. If you like to try to catch fishes at our vacation rental, bring your fishing rod or line and enough hooks and sinkers to Villa Sea Paradise. You can even try night fishing.

Fishing by night using our dock light shining in the sea.
We have also installed a fishing spot light which shines in the sea under the dock. It attracts big fishes, especially Tarpons.

Tarpons are Silver color fishes that can grow very large. They have big scales. Their size in shallow water are rarely more than 90 cm, in open sea they grow more than 2 m. Food and bait are small fish, crustacea (shrimps, craps, lobsters).
Being able to take in air from the atmosphere, they can stand very low oxygen content of the water. They are strong fighters when hooked.

 Also needle fishes are attracted by the lights. Tarpons at our dock hunt especially on needle fishes. They are big approx. 6 feet. See picture below.

Picture of a Tarpon from the Dock

A group of about 12 comes almost every night to the light. Dependent of who of the neighbours switches their spot light on first. He gets the most Tarpons.

The following fishes with names in English and Papiamentu can be caught from the shore at our vacation rental Villa Sea Paradise Curacao:  

Name is English                Name in Papiamentu   

Tarpon                                      Sabalo

Mahi-Mahi,                            Dradu

Parrot fish                              Gutu

Big Eye Scad                          Masbangu

Barracuda                              Baracuda/ Picuda

Sergeant Major                     Ladronchi Strepia

Mullets                                    Mulá

Result after frying the 2 fishes: delicious!

Photo taken at the vacation rental: Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

Interested in staying with us? Contact us for more information about our oceanfront villa, one of the nicest and close to town  Curacao vacation rentals.

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Why book with us, Villa Sea Paradise Curacao in the Caribbean?

Dutch Island

Curacao is a Dutch island in the Caribbean, which makes it special. It is also known as one of the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

This year 2019 they will belong for 385 years to Holland. It is not only known for its cultural historic monuments but also for its: floating bridge, beaches, floating market, natural port and famous liqueur Blue Curacao.

Why Curacao?

Curacao ‘s population is a mixture of Dutch, African and South American descendants. Curacao loves to dance on the best dance music such as: merengue, bachata, salsa, reggae and hip-hop. Food on Curacao varies from Dutch (haring, bitter balls), several American food chains (Larry’s, KFC, Burger King, Mc Donnalds, Pizzahut), Brazilian steaks, Dominican aroz moru, Venezuelan arepitas, Japanese sushi, Chinese noodles and fried rice and Curacao red snapper. You name it we have it all.

Curacao has no hurricanes, snakes, alligators, forest fire, volcano eruptions nor flooding. We have lots of sun shine and sea. Your vacation is guaranteed to be a success on this island.

No hurricanes!

Curacao is located outside the hurricane belt. Booking your vacation with destination Curacao you can rest assured that you wouldn’t run any risk due to hurricanes.

The villa

The villa is located in a gated community in Boca Gentil resort with 24/7surveillance.  Our beautiful vacation rental right on the shore is named Villa Sea Paradise Curacao and is on the East/South end of Curacao. It is a nice 4 bedrooms Oceanfront villa with private pool and Jacuzzi.  You can dive or snorkel right there in your backyard! We have direct access to the crystal blue Caribbean Sea. For an impression of the villa, its surroundings and reviews, visit our website

We have a lot of amenities in the neighborhood such as grocery (Van den Tweel) restaurants (Zest, Tinto), scuba schools, Spa, Gym facility, ATM machines, Diamond Casino, rental cars facility and some bikini shops. One can also rent all kind of gears for sea fun activities such as: snorkels, masks, fins, kayak, Jet sky/ Sea-doo, under water scooters, banana ride you name it!

Vacation home Villa sea Paradise it’s the only rental I manage, so I am able to keep it nice and make it a special place for my guests to enjoy their vacation. During your stay, I am available by phone, text, or email if any issues arise or if you have any questions about Curacao.

In the neighborhood

Around the villa you can hike to the saltpan, a lagoon that could be open to let seawater in with the tide and then the salt water evaporates to leave a deposit of salt. This was a big business for the island back then when salt was worth more than gold.

There is also a fortress near the Caracas bay called Fortress Beekenburg built in 1703. It was from there that the English lead by Commodore Murray tried to overtake the island but was pushed back into the sea from the adjacent hill called Kabrietenberg. There our national hero Pedro Luis Brion gained his fame as a strategic captain and later became admiral in the Venezuelan independence struggle against Spain under leadership of Simon Bolivar. As a millionaire Pedro Luis Brion donated all his fortune for that cause.

Next to the fortress there is an abandoned quarantine house, where sick people were nourished before allowed into the community

Close by there is also the sunken Tugboat a favorite place for divers and snorkelers with lots of corals and sea fishes. There is also a beach there called the Governors bay.

Want to hire a sailboat, catamaran or yachts there is plenty places where you can do so. Most are located in and around Spanish water and Barbara beach.

They will take you to open sea for fishing, snorkeling or diving adventure. They will even offer BBQ on a remote private beach with all included.

Restaurants in the neighborhood are Zest, Tinto, Suchi bar Kyoto, Zanzibar, Fuego and several restaurants near the roundabout at Caracas bay. The 3 restaurants we recommend and prefer are El Gaucho with its fabulous view of the surroundings, L’ Aldea placed within a jungle theme, serving all you can eat Brazilian BBQ meat and Green House, dining on the Mambo Boulevard with lots of nightlife activities.


People in Curacao love sports especially baseball. Some well-known baseball players are:

  • Kenley Jansen – Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Didi Gregorius- New York Yankees
  • Andrelton Simmons – Los Angeles Angels, previous for Atlanta Braves
  • Jonathan Schoop – Baltimore Orioles
  • Jurickson Profar – Texas Rangers
  • Wladimir (Coco) Balentien – Tokyo Yakult, previous for Cincinnati Reds
  • Andrew Jones – played for several teams but gain fame with Atlanta Braves breaking Mickey Mantle’s record. A record he still holds as the youngest player ever to hit a home run during a World Series.

Christmas and New Years Eve are the two top happenings on Curaçao. 

Lots of people are changing their dreaming of “white” Christmas into a “sunny” Christmas! They join us on Curacao in saying “Happy New Year” in a sunny weather on Curacao!

We have plenty of Christmas markets and Christmas dinners, which are organized, in many hotels. Also the New Year celebrations are something special on Curacao. Most people get together around the floating bridge to see the Fireworks and to count down together and say Happy New Year! They bring their snacks and champagne along and enjoy the public fireworks from 23:00 till after midnight,

Willemstad and the floating bridge are then beautifully decorated for Christmas and New Year. Whole neighborhoods on the island participate together in the competition to bring their home area into the best Christmas atmosphere possible using decorative lights. Boca Gentil attracts every year several famous soccer players and artists to spend their Christmas and New Year at the resort. In Boca Gentil Resort they celebrate New Year’s Eve twice on that same evening! Champagne is raised at the midnight Dutch time (6 hours ahead of Curacao) and also at midnight during the Curacao count down. So book your Christmas holiday with us to experience these one of a kind events.

Christmas and New Year Markets and Fairs

The Christmas markets are: Christmas Fair Jan Thiel (next door), Christmas Market Country House Assencion, Christmas Fair Pietermaai, Christmas Fest Food Vegan, Hello Skalo Christmas Village.

You definitely need a car to travel around and get to these places.
The villa is located in the Jan Thiel district. Everything is located within 20 minutes drive.


Nightlife in the area of the villa is at Jan Thiel Beach. For nightlife elsewhere there are also: Mambo blvd, Pietermaai district, Sopranos Sports Bar, Carnival Casino, Kandela Cigar Lounge, Saint Tropez Ocean Club, Blues Bar at Avila Beach, Cabana Beach and much more.


In February it depends when the Ash Wednesday falls then there is Carnival. This is a big happening on the island. It starts with the selection of the road March song on a so-called “Tumba” rhythm, which is a typical Curacao music. The text of the Tumba road March deals mostly with a political, economic situation or a romantic affair of a known person, which they made fun off. After this the Prince and the Queen of Carnival is chosen. And then everyone and everything come together during the road March through the streets of Curacao


In the first week of January is the traditional “Fuikdag” or Fuik day. Fuik is a bay near the Spanish water, which can only be reached by boat. On this day a music festival on water takes place with well-known dj’s in the Fuik bay. Every one can participate as long as you have a boat to get there. People meet each other to share food, drinks and dance on their boats to the sounds of the various dj’s.

Klein Curacao

A trip to Klein Curacao stands for little Curacao, an island North East to Curacao is more than worth your visit.  Here one can snorkel and spot sea turtles. The boat trip to Klein Curacao on itself is special! In your boat dolphins, flamingos and flying fishes will accompany you to Klein Curacao. You get to see the coast and experience the sea and wind. The trip is fully catered with BBQ, fruits, drinks and snorkel gears. Beers, wines and strong drinks are –sometimes- not included in the price but can be bought there. You may want to bring your own fins or scuba gears, they will provide certified scuba instructors to accompany you, ask before you book.

Trips are organized by the following organizations: Bounty, the Mermaid and Miss Ann. Want to book a Bounty trip to Klein Curacao? We are partners. Click here if you want to book with us.


Curacao has a lot of snekbars, which is an acronym for snack bars. You can consider them as Curacao’s local fast food booths. They serve lemonade, beers, quick bytes such as loempia (egg roll), arepita’s (cake made of corn), johny cakes, aroz moro (spicy rice and beans) and also full dishes. You eat mostly near the booth sitting on the plastic chairs under a tree or shade. Along the road to Villa Sea Paradise that is to say, the Caracasbaai road, you will see many snekbars. Most of the time they provide music and people start to dance in a spontaneously atmosphere.

North Sea Jazz Festival

Tourist’s love this island because it is friendly, has lots of scuba dive spots. It serves delicious food and has plenty of activities in a nice climate.

Every year beginning of September there is this famous Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival. Here famous singers and songwriters from all over the world come to perform. Artists such as Lionel Richie, Pharrell Williams, Juan Luis Guerra and Mark Anthony and others have been there. Fans loved it.

The festival is for 3 days. People from all over come to Curacao for this special occasion and event. They seize the opportunity to combine visiting this lovely Dutch island with the unique chance to see, hear and perhaps meet & greet in person world renown performers.

In 2018 from 30thof August to 1stof September the following artist were lined up:

Sting & Shaggy, Sean Paul, Cristina Aguillera, Patti Labelle, Spyro Gyra, Burt Bacharach,

Grace Jones, Jason Derulo and Damian Marley son of Bob Marley.  See for more information:

Best place to escape the winter

Curacao is ideally to escape winter. It has a gorgeous sunny climate of 25 degree Celsius, which is 77 degree Fahrenheit. It has a good flight connection with USA, Canada and Europe. The locals speak English, Dutch and Spanish in addition to their native language Papiamentu. And last but not least it has a good health facility and a modern hospital.

The Dutch colonial architecture, the Dutch Fortresses, give you a special Dutch touch to this island in the Caribbean.

Sight Seeing Willemstad

The harbor of Willemstad with a narrow entrance was the main reason why the Dutch selected Curacao as a safe haven in 1634 AD.
200 years later the Queen Emma floating bridge was built. It connected the two parts of Willemstad and made it possible for pedestrians to walk and even cars to drive from “Punda” to “Otrabanda”. Since then no longer people have to pay a boatmen to row them over from side to side or drive all around Schottegat. It was a gift from the US Embassy to the island, which still attracts tourists.

We have at the Punda side, the well-known Handelskade consisting of Old Dutch warehouses adjacent to each other along the shore of Willemstad. They provide with their façade the historical Dutch architectural sight to Willemstad.

Riffort in Otrabanda is one of the two fortresses at the narrow entrance of St. Anna bay. The area now functions as a shopping village.

The other fortress at the other side of St. Anna bay is: Fortress Amsterdam which is now a hotel. Adjacent to the fortress you will find the Governor’s Palace.

Looking further inside the harbor you will see the Queen Juliana Bridge, majestically connecting the two sides but on a higher level. This bridge plays an important role allowing cars to quickly get from one side to the other. Since then cars were not allowed any longer over the floating bridge.

As the third line of defense near the Queen Juliana Bridge the Dutch built another fortress: Fort Nassau. It now serves as a nice restaurant having the most amazing views on the island, overlooking the whole harbor and the capital.

Other places to visit in the town are: the synagogue, slave museum and the floating market.

The synagogue is one of the oldest still functioning of the western hemisphere. It reminds people of the tolerance of the Dutch people allowing Jews to profess their believes in the colonies. This was after the inquisition that took place in Spain around 1500 AD. The Jews had to flee first to Amsterdam and later to Dutch colonies.

The slave museum in Otrabanda called Kura Hulanda gives one a very good impression of the slave trade on Curacao and surrounding areas.

The floating market: these are sailboats crossing from mainland Venezuela to sell fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh fishes. The sails are used as shades and all the fruits, sails and boats make it a colorful scene to look at.

If you are in that neighborhood ask for the Old Market place called: Marche Bieu. Here they serve traditional Curacao food. In this restaurant they cook in front of you and everybody sit together at the different tables. Check the menu or ask for funchi with fish (Red snapper, Dorado) or funchi with stoba (Stew beef). Funchi is cooked corn meal, our traditional corn cake which replaces rice or potato. If you prefer rice try aroz moro (rice with kidney beans) instead of funchi.

Sight seeing more inward

More inward the island you will find:

  • Many beaches and diving spots such as: Knip bay, Cas About, Porto Marie
  • Flamingo breeding ground at Pannekoek and Jan Kok
  • Swimming with turtles at West Point bay, called Fishers bay
  • Two National Parks: Christoffel Park and Shete Boca Park

If you want to see how the roaring sea and breakers waves help creating natural bridges, caves and sea water geysers then you must visit Shete Boca park with the cave of Boca Tabla and Boca Pistol.  As a pistol it shoots sea water high up in the sky, like a geyser.

Airlines to Hato Airport Curacao

There are several airline companies that call at Curacao Hato Airport: KLM, TUI, Air Canada, Copa, American Airlines, Air Berlin, Jet Blue Airways, West Jet, Sun Wings Airlines and Surinam Airways.

Come visit us and enjoy a wonderful vacation on Curacao, one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. You will not regret it a bit. We love our USA, European and Canadian guests.

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What on Music

Music is in the air in Curacao.

Every Friday there is life music at Zanzibar on walking distance from the Rental home.
Entrance is free for our Guest. Zanzibar and Papagayo invite very Friday  or Saturday a different band to provide music on which you can dance and have a good time. During Happy hours you can order all drinks with a discount.

If you like jazz music instead then Blues- Bar is recommendable From 8 pm to 11 pm. This bar is located at Avila Beach hotel in Penstraat.You might also order a meal there.

And if you like for example Reggae Band then the place to be is Hemingway which is located within Lions Dive beach Hotel. Every Friday from to 7 pm to 10 pm. Entrance is free. Telephone: 465-0740

O Mundo in  Zuikertuintje Shopping Mall also offers life music while having a nice meal or drink. Telephone: 738-8477.

In the months of August and September the North Sea Jazz Festival is often organised on Curacao. Check the internet at their website when it is being held in the future.


Traditional Foods You Can Find on Curacao

The best place to find traditional food is the old MarketPlace called: Plasa Bieu. It is located in Willemstad Near the new MarketPlace adjacent to the area of Waaigat with the Queen Wilhelmina Bridge.

 Pals Bieu was formerly a market hall now made into a food corner to attend, to experience local food during lunchtime in Curacao.

Plasa Bieu is an indoor place with 5 different restaurant sections which are open from Monday- Saturday only during lunch time.

They serve a variety of dishes which are all authentic local dishes. The variety includes everything from Fish soup to boiled cornmeal to stewed goat, beef, red snapper, … the choices are endless.
What makes the experience at plasa different from other restaurants is that you can see the chefs preparing each dish on coals as it was done ages ago.
It’s on a first come, first serve basis, so no reservations are needed. Take it to go or sit and eat, it’s an unique Experience. Every food section has it’s own seating area with extended tables and you are free to mingle and  join other visitors at their table.

Picture inside Marche Bieu

I would recommend eating at plaza, since the experience of eating with local residents is a must and can be very fun.

Some menu items are :

Fish soup 
with fresh catch of the day and most contain sea food
Giambo soup made from Okra vegetable and contains fish and meat (slimy look but taste very good)
Kadushi soup which is made from cactus on the Island (also slimy but taste nice).

Stews (Stoba) are made 
Mostly of Goat meat, Beef, Chicken or Pork.
Often added with vegetables like Cole, native small cucumber or papaya. it is served with funchi (boiled cornmeal, resembles polenta) or with rice, rice with beans (aroz moro), baked potatoes, slices of fried plantain and salad.

Fishes mostly served are:
Piska Corá: Red Snapper  
Dradu: Mahi Mahi
Mula: Mullets
Buni: Bonito 
Masbangu: Big Eye Scad
Gutu: Parrot fish
Cabaron: Shrimps

Also served with funchi (boiled cornmeal/polenta) or with rice, rice with beans (aroz moro), baked potatoes and slices of fried plantain and salad. To top it off a traditional vinaigrette saus is poured over the fish. 

Instead of Funchi/polenta one might also try Tutu: which contains black eye peas.

Vegetarian are also welcome. Ask for a fish dish or other menu with more vegetables instead of the meat,

Prices varies between 7 to 14 USD

Great local food, nice ambiance and there is a big chance you will make a new friend at Plasa Bieu.


Created by Luty

Where To Eat

For great steak, fish and special ambiance near by I recommend three restaurants: Kyoto, Zest & Tinto.
Kyoto is a Japanese restaurant adjacent to Van den Tweel Supermarket near the entrance of Boca Gentil Resort. Zest and Tinto are  on walking distance from the villa and are situated next to Zanzibar. Zest Offers Meditaranaan food and Tinto offers Argentinian steaks, but has also fish and chicken on the menu. The ambiance at Tinto is created with flames and candle lights. Zest has also a beach Grill section, where you sit and eat on the beach. Many of our guests rank these three as one of the best in the area.  Telephone Zest: +5999-747-0633, 

Two other restaurants in the area are Boathouse and Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei. They offer excellent Caribbean/international food.  They are situated at Brakkeput which is a right turn on the Caracasbaaiweg in the direction of Jan Sofat. Telephone Boathouse:+5999-767-2221. Landhuis Brakkeput offers also life music on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Telephone:+5999- 767-1500 

El Gaucho is an Argentinian steak House  One of our favourite also quite near by our Vacation Rental Villa Sea Paradise Curacao. It has nice juicy steaks and salade bar and offers a tremendous view by night looking toward Willemstad. Distance from our vacation rental is 10 minutes drive. Follow the signs on Caracasbaaiweg (in direction to town) and turn right at the Burger King and then again right up a hill. Prices are moderate. Their recommended three course menu included salad bar is  often the best deal in the area.
Location: Rooi Santu 620. Telephone: +5999-767-0067

L’ Aldea is an all you can eat restaurant with a Brazilian touch and Brazilian Jungle theme. Everyone receives a color sign card with two sides red or green. Green means more meat please and Red means pause or I have enough.  They will bring the meat and cut a piece in your plate. The ambiance with tropical plants and water flowing like a river brings you in another world. Prices are about $50 per person. Location: Sta. Catharina #66. Telephone L’Aldea: +5999-767-6777.

Down Town you can eat Thursdays in the evening at: Bij de Buren a restaurant in front of the Big Curacao sign on Queen Wilhelmina Plein. On that they they have a show and life music.

If you want to sit at the harbour or on dock of the bay, we recommend Iguana, they also have live music in the evening or La Bahia Seafood & Steakhouse in Otrabanda. Brionplein near the Pontoon bridge. They offer nice food with an excellent view over the harbour. Telephone: 462-7400 ext 1710. 

In otrabanda in the Riffort shopping mall try Steaks and Ribs. They serve good excellent meat for a good price. For more fancy and elegant try Le Clochard which has an opening through the fortress wall at the opening of the ST Anna bay.

You can also eat at Saint Tropez. It is situated at Pietermaai 152 outside the centre. Telephone: +5999-4617727

Last but certainly not least there is Green House on Mambo Beach Boulevard. One of out favourites. All their food are excellent and for a good price.